Why is Clean Beauty Better for you and the Environment?

By now, you’ve probably heard of clean skincare, also known as clean beauty, and have maybe even fallen in love with a few of the clean beauty skincare products featured in your favorite ‘shelfie’, and with good reason.  Clean skincare products are powerful, safe, kind to the planet and, and despite what traditional brands like to claim—they are often just as effective as their non-clean counterparts.


What is clean beauty?  And what are clean beauty products? Although the FDA doesn’t regulate the beauty category, clean skincare is generally formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are often plant based and, vegan or vegetarian, cruelty-free, recyclable, and made without artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals.  Gone are the days when skincare needed to rely on questionable ingredients to address common skin concerns. Today’s next-gen clean skincare gives eco-conscious consumers full-impact results from a brand they can respect, that respects the planet.


Why Go Clean?

Why use clean beauty products? There are so many reasons people chose clean skincare but perhaps the most fundamental starts with a common denominator we all share: skin.


Clean respects our skin. Skin—the body’s largest organ—absorbs everything we apply to it. That means whatever ingredients are used in the lotions, serums, and creams you use morning and night has two times the opportunity to be either be a force for good (or not so good) for your skin.  Makes non-toxic ingredients seem like a no-brainer, right?


Clean from the start. And speaking of ingredients, those that aren’t so clean can cause irritation and skin reactions, redness, breakouts, inflammation, and other unpleasant effects.  Most clean skincare brands formulate with plant and botanical ingredients that are more easily assimilated by the skin, are ethical, and most importantly—are non-toxic for less chance of negative reactions.


Clean focuses on the big picture. Skincare and beauty are huge industries, with a huge worldwide presence that can also mean a (very) large carbon footprint.  Most clean skincare brands actively try and reduce this impact by opting for cleaner manufacturing processes; choosing recycled and recyclable materials for packaging, and using ingredients that are sustainable.


Clean just says no. Clean skincare by definition is skincare that does not test on or use ingredients tested on animals because no bunny (or any other living thing) should suffer for beauty. Period.  


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