Why is Clean Beauty Better for Your Skin (and the Environment)?

Our skin is the body's largest organ and should be treated with great respect and healthy, "clean" products.  You wouldn't drink a glass full of chemicals, dyes and perfumes, so why bathe your skin in it?  

Clean Beauty is the next level "natural", essentially the 2.0 of natural beauty from the 2000's, but with an even "cleaner" stance, more transparency and a more eco-aware position.  

What is Clean Beauty? There is no official definition and it is not regulated by the FDA, but in general, Clean Beauty is: no toxic / harmful ingredients, plant based, vegan, cruelty-free, dye and fragrance-free, made with recycled materials and recyclable.  Clean Beauty brands are transparent about their ingredients and explain why they are used and often, where they are sourced.  

So why is Clean Beauty better for you and for the environment?

Our skin absorbs what we apply topically.  Skincare serves a purpose to cleanse, protect and repair the barrier, but when harmful chemicals and animal ingredients are in the mix, it can cause more harm than good.  Many toxic skincare ingredients have been linked to allergies, redness, inflammation, breakouts, headaches, internal disorders and more.  The beauty world has come a long way in identifying and testing ingredients so that we can formulate around them and use more healthy alternatives. 

1. Clean Beauty formulates with plants and other natural ingredients we know to be safe and beneficial for the skin.  They are easily absorbed and assimilated by the skin.  Vegan clean beauty is free of any animal ingredients.  Using plants, not animals, is a sustainable way to help our environment.

2. Most clean beauty brands work hard to reduce their carbon footprint, looking to cleaner manufacturing processes and using recycled materials as well as papers derived from materials other than paper/trees.  These efforts help reduce emissions and deforestation. 

3. Nearly all Clean Beauty brands are cruelty-free, meaning no formulas or ingredients have been tested on animals.  Amen!

Here at CLARISMA, we are Clean Beauty.  We pride ourselves on delivering all-natural and clean ingredients with every product. We believe that it is important to be transparent with our customers in order to build a tight-knit community of skincare enthusiasts. We offer natural and clean products at an affordable price, because we believe in bringing nutritious ingredients to all!

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