Why Fruit Enzymes?

Our enzymes are derived from Pineapple, Papaya and Caviar Lime. They do the exfoliating work of acids, but without any damage to your skin like dryness, peeling, redness, or irritation.

ENZYMES = clean, clear, smooth, even, radiant skin!


Enzymes gently “eat” clogged pores and congestion deep in the skin. Enzymes are special because they take only what they need (dead skin & proteins) and leave behind the healthy skin. This work leaves all skin types smooth, balanced, clear and radiant.

Protease and Proteolytic enzymes are natural way to eliminate impurities in the skin by improving skin cell turnover and helping maintain the skin’s natural moisture to insure a strong barrier PLUS more radiant skin!

Stop burning your skin - switch to enzymes!

Protease and Proteolytic enzymes unclog pores and congestion under the skin, helping to clear blackheads, bumps, and blemishes.  

Enhances skin elasticity and resilience for a "plump" healthy look that withstands skin stressors more effectively.

Gently exfoliates to reveal fresh, healthy skin. NO redness or irritation.

Reduces hyperpigmentation and uneven color for a creamy, radiant glow.

Refines the skin's texture and smooths, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uneven tone.

Balances dryness + oil production by removing dull surface layers and allowing the skin to thrive.


Breakouts and Clogged Pores

Enzymes clear pores of dead skin and oils to allow a better flow for sweat and natural oils. In doing this, it allows pores to naturally reduce in size. This clear pathway makes it so bacteria and dirt build up is stopped, which results in less redness/clogged pores.

Irritated and Uneven Skin

Enzymes are a gentle form of exfoliation that can be done regularly, in doing so the skin can develop a more consistent rate of cell turnover, which helps in creating a strong, healthy barrier to keep pollutants out and moisture in.

Oiliness and Dryness

Enzymes work gently to repair skin, create a protective barrier, and maintain hydration. Unlike chemical peels that work fast, over-exfoliate, and cause an imbalance in moisture and barrier function. When skin is balanced it no longer starves of hydration or over-compensates with more oil production; it is in complete balance.


"When I owned my spa I regularly used enzymes to transform my clients' skin. In creating CLARISMA I knew it had to include fruit enzymes to address all skin types, colors and conditions. There's just no better way."

Ameann DeJohn, Founder