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Ameann and Clarisse DeJohn



Clarisma was first conceived in 2007, when a then 7-year-old Clarisse came to her mother, a beauty industry professional, with two product concepts.  The detailed and well thought out products had something unique and filled a niche. 

After years of refinement and planning, Clarisma is a reality, bringing glowing, healthy, truly radiant skin to everyone who seeks it.  Our exclusive Clarisma Enzyme Complex, found in each and every product, is the key in getting your skin to its healthiest state. 



CLARISMA BEAUTY is a skin care collection that has it all. This line was created for all kinds of conditions working to nurture even dull, tired and uneven skin for people of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types!  Its natural plant, fruit, and enzyme base creates a creamy, smooth and radiant complexion. With each carefully crafted formula, the fruit enzymes work with signature proteins to revive and protect the skin. The products are synergistic, working together through the proprietary CLARISMA Enzyme Complex, to perfect your skin. Each product is gentle, but don't underestimate their power. Get ready for your best skin yet!



CLARISMA was dreamed of and created in sunny Southern California.  Our brand was naturally influenced by our environment; a land of perpetual summer with a cool, laid-back vibe.  One with year-round harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Where health-is-a-lifestyle and vegan, natural and clean are the daily norm instead of a passing trend. Where you can find unique creative energy anywhere you look and anything you dream is a possibility!   That is California.