Cupuacu: The Superhero Superfruit That’s Saving the Amazonian Rainforest

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Move over acai! It’s time to step aside and let the new superfruit in town cupuacu have the moment it deserves. Not only is this ingredient a powerhouse of skin-loving antioxidants, once we heard its background story with the Amazon rainforest and being ethically sourced, we knew we had to bring this underrated superfruit to CLARISMA's arsenal of ingredients for you. 

Cupuacu, Who Is She Exactly?

Say it with me, cupuacu— koo-pwa-soo (don’t worry we butchered it our first read too). This Brazilian native fruit —sort of a cross between the coconut and papaya—is a member of the cacao family. The cupuacu is actually the fruit’s seed pod that is a creamy treat for many often described as tasting like decadent cotton candy...YUM! Not only is the fruit commonly used to make desserts, and skincare products, but the shell and its grains are used to make objects like pots and containers. Talk about a no waste product!

Unlike cotton candy, this superfruit is jam-packed with anti-aging nutrients. Here are the main vitamins and minerals found in just one cupuacu seed:

  • Source of Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, and B3 (Niacin)
  • 9+ antioxidants including Vitamin A and Vitamin C to fight against free radicals
  • Contains Calcium and selenium for stronger bones
  • High source of Amino Acids
  • Fatty acids improve skin texture and can aid in lowering cholesterol when ingested.
  • Flavonoids found naturally in fruits or veggies are compounds that help fight against environmental damage and assist in vitamin penetration.

What Are the Skin Benefits of Cupuacu?

1. Intense Hydrating Factors

Because cupuacu is a hydrophilic ingredient— a fancy way of saying water loving— the skin is able to absorb it quickly on contact and hydrate and moisturize the skin on a deeper, cellular level. This super moisturizer helps seal in moisture levels, preventing water and dehydration better than other ingredients like shea butter. What does that mean for you? Soft, glowing skin baby! Cupuacu will have your skin make your gym trainer think you really are drinking your gallon of water you promised to drink every day.

2. Helps Protect Environmental Damage

No matter where we are, our exposure to harsh environments takes a toll on our skin. Pollution, sun rays, and even smoke exposure cause oxidative stress damage to our skin's outermost barrier leaving it looking tired and dull — no thank you! Since the natural butter in cupuacu mimics our natural human oils, it is able to provide a nourishing protective, matte barrier without leaving any greasy residue behind.

3. Anti-Aging Properties

Cupuacu is quickly becoming recognized for its place as one of nature’s most powerful, antioxidant-rich skincare ingredients. The antioxidant properties and high levels of vitamins improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin, reducing the appearance of imperfections. Blessed with youth still on your side? These antioxidants also do wonders in slowing the process of the appearance of aging. It's never too soon to start taking preventative measures!

Besides the many health and skincare benefits, learning more about the cupuacu’s origin and its impact on protecting the rainforest is what deepened our love affair.

cupuacu Clarisma Beauty clarifying night mask

So, What's Going on in the Amazon Rainforests, Anyway?

Deforestation --the act of clearing out wide areas of trees— is sadly destroying the Amazon biome. Often referred to as the lungs of the world, Brazil's Amazonian rainforest is responsible for about 20% of the oxygen on our planet that we call home. In the last 30 years, efforts to improve the country's economy expanded mining and farming of non-indigenous crops (plants that are not native in the area) like soy, has caused a surge of deforestation--destroying over a whopping 1,000,000 km of the Amazonian rainforest. 

If this trend continues to worsen, the threat that the Amazon can easily transform into a desert, depleting all its wildlife and vegetation, is a very real possibility. Even worse, if we're not careful, one of the earth's biggest sources of oxygen can quickly switch to emitting large amounts of carbon--which is the main culprit behind global warming--eek!

How Cupuacu Is Making a Difference:

In an effort to stop this devastating cycle and possibly reverse its effects, local farmers are planting and harvesting sustainable cupuacu trees. By growing fruits native to the area, each cupuacu tree can grow approximately 10 meters high and produces double the amount of fruit that a cacao tree can make. With this level of production, cupuacu may be able to change the negative effects of deforestation we have had so far.

That concept is epic! This highly beneficial project aims to protect the Amazon biome and educate local populations while helping families produce cupuacu and sustain a level of income to build the economy. According to The NY Times

growing cupuacu could help local families increase $4,200, tripling the amount of current minimum wages there. Now that is something we can stand behind!

Recap: Why do we want to slather our skin with Cupuacu?

  • It nourishes dry, flaky, or even cracked skin

  • Smoothes and softens all skins

  • Results leave youthful, glowing skin, without greasiness.

  • Helps to hydrate, protect the skin from signs of future aging

    .....All the while helping protect the Amazonian rainforests, prevents contributing to future threats of global warming, and helps support Brazilian families providing jobs and supporting their economy.

Where Can I Find Cupuacu?

Clearly, it's a win-win. Make ethical choices, using ingredients that help the planet, AND work on getting soft, glowing skin? It's a no-brainer, but where can you find it?

Don't worry, we have you covered! Our Clarifying Night Mask is a godsend of cupuacu magic. Our Californian natural products combined with our fruit enzymes help unclog pores, smooth bumps, reduce redness and help skin recover from environmental stress. Soothing monoi oil, Chinese peony, and acai work as a team with cupuacu to refine skin's texture and replenish moisture levels for balanced, clear, and glowing skin. What more could you ask for?

cupuacu clarisma clarifying night mask


Fun Fact: Our Clarifying Night Mask contains shimmering mica that will have you waking up looking like a glittering goddess as a reminder to remove it with our Cool Ocean Breeze Daily Cleanser.

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