Create a meditation skincare routine by integrating this 3 simple aspects

We know that daily life is full of challenges but at the same time modern life can cause stress and worries that negatively impact our physical and mental health. Little by little, the modern world has recognized the teachings of cultures all over the world where meditation has a vital role in the body-spirit union.

When we think of meditation, many of us tend to see it as a ritualistic and almost sacred event to get in touch with our inner being. However, it does not have to be that way and we can turn any of our activities into meditation as long as we do it with intention and under external conditions that are conducive to peace and tranquility.

At CLARISMA we believe that a facial care routine can become a meditation and we want to share with you 3 aspects that will help you create your own facial care meditation.

  • Touch - Incorporate intentional touch through the application of your facial care products, feeling the shapes of your face and neck. This means sensitizing your fingers to the texture of the product, the texture of your skin, and the texture of the product on your skin.
  • Smell - Focus on the scent of the products you apply to your face, you can imagine the place where they were planted but you can also think about the properties they have. Inhale deeply and in a controlled way, while you fill yourself with the fragrance of the product as they can have energizing properties while others can have a relaxing effect on you, both effects are quite desirable when meditating.
  • Listen- Using music during your meditation session will help to have a richer and more productive experience. It is proven to help calm your mind and relieve stress.  Another benefit of listening to melodies during your meditation and facial care routine is the support it gives you to obtain greater concentration. Experts recommend music with 60 beats per minute because the brain will seek to synchronize with this rhythm to cause alpha brainwaves that are related to greater relaxation and awareness.

Now that you have 3 valuable aspects to consider to create a meditative facial care routine, all you need now is to have the best products to integrate into a simple but effective routine that will nourish your skin, but also your spirit.

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