Wake Up and Glow Kit


Morning Brightening Kit. Banishes imperfections, smooths skin tone. 

You deserve to start each day with glowing, fresh skin! With Clarisma’s Morning Kit having smooth skin will become your reality and not just a daydream. Starting with the glittering Cool Ocean Breeze Daily Cleanser, fresh fruit enzymes and Desert Lime extract work hand in hand to cleanse the skin while also leaving behind a seamless, beautiful base. Designed to purify dull skin without over-drying and safe enough to use daily! Followed by the Cali Dreaming Cream Daily Moisturizer that is formulated with Bamboo extract to fight against any shiny residue and leave behind a naturally matte finish. While Neem Oil unclogs pores and works as a gentle substitute for anti-aging. This team has your back through tiring days to keep skin fresh and beautiful no matter what! 

How to Use: Use morning and night. Double up for complete makeup removal. Rinse completely and follow with Cali Dreaming Cream Daily Moisturizer.



Cool Ocean Breeze Daily Cleanser – 150 ML / 5 FL OZ

Cali Dreaming Cream Daily Moisturizer - 40 ML / 1.65 FL OZ

 Key Ingredients:

Pineapple (Bromelain) Enzyme  An enzyme found in pineapple that works to gently and safely exfoliate the skin, rich in Vitamins C & E which assist in brightening skin. It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to create an even skin tone. 
Papaya (Papain) Enzyme An enzyme found in papayas that naturally brightens skin, safely exfoliates dead skin, and also works to revive tired skin from signs of aging.
Desert Lime A mild fruit acid that contains rich concentration of Vitamin C which helps to even skin tone, enhance firmness, and revive skin.
Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract Bamboo powder gives a natural looking matte finish.
Willowherb This extract helps the skin to rebound from the environmental aggressors it faces daily. Naturally reducing redness and inflammation, it helps to keep skin glowing and radiant.
Neem Oil A cream oil derived from the Indian Neem tree that helps unclog and clean pores. A gentle substitute for anti-aging that restores the skin’s natural moisture, enhances collagen production, and smooths fine lines.

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