Best Body Skincare Routine

We all know that our skin is our largest organ, amounting to roughly 16 percent of our body weight, so then why do most people only have a skincare routine for their face?
While the skin on our bodies isn’t exposed to the elements as much as our faces, our body is still susceptible to dryness, dullness, inflammation, “chicken skin,” congestion, and other skin issues. Don't neglect your body skin - your future self will thank you!
The good news is that everyone can implement a simple, full-body skincare routine.



Before you shower, lightly scrub your body with a dry brush. Circular motions, rather than long raking strokes, will help release any dead skin cells and promote blood flow across the body. The circulation may also help flush the body of impurities, leading to a radiant glow.



Your skin is constantly shedding dead cells; manual exfoliation can facilitate this natural process.  By using a gentle, natural scrub on your body, like CLARISMA’s “Malibu Blush” Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, the luffa fibers and fruit enzymes will gently remove dead cells from your arms, legs, and body without causing irritation.  It will help calm your skin with herbs and oils, and leave your body feeling soft and smooth with a healthy glow.

Clarisma Gentle Exfoliating Scrub


Body acne is normal!  The skin on your arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back (known as “bacne”), and even your butt, are susceptible to acne. Tight fitting clothing, sweat, or snugly fit purses and backpacks can cause friction with your skin resulting in breakouts. Exfoliation will help, but using a product like CLARISMA's  “Namaste Glow” Energizing Face Mask, will target breakouts and restore lost moisture to invigorate and balance your skin. 
clarisma energizing mask


Clarisma's Energizing Mask


Sometimes we have individual zits, dark spots, or post-acne spots that linger on our bodies. Using a targeted spot treatment at night, like the CLARISMA's “Sleeping Angel” Clarifying Night Mask, can help diminish under-the-skin impurities and give your skin . But don’t forget to wash it off in the morning because it has a subtle shimmer!

Clarisma's Clarifying Night Mask


Don't forget to apply lotion to your body in the morning and evening.  Moisturizing after a shower, while the skin is still damp, will help lock in the moisture.  Natural ingredients like Rosebay willow herb and pineapple enzymes in CLARISMA's "Cali Dreaming Cream" absorb quickly to balance oil and shine and will work gently to nourish skin all day.



Clarisma's Daily Moisturizer



And, last always apply sunscreen. You won’t need sunscreen with a high SPF if you aren’t going to be in direct sunlight. Still, the daily application of sunscreen (or a moisturizer-sunscreen combination) will help combat the sun’s harmful aging and drying effects, avoid broken blood vessels and limit the appearance of sunspots. Put your sunscreen on last, closest to the time you'll be in the sun!
No matter your skin type (if you need help, we’ve got you!), finding the right body skincare routine and the right products for your skin can take time, but there’s no better time to start than right now! Combining your face and body skincare will help keep your body’s largest organ happy and healthy. 
If you’re new to healthy skincare, the CLARISMA “Starter Kit” has everything you need to begin your skincare journey.


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