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CLARISMA was born from the need for products that address the issues of every skin type and ethnicity without harsh chemicals involved. We thought about the best ways to treat the skin and combined them with our knowledge of fruit enzymes.

We don’t rely on harsh acids or rough particles to exfoliate the skin. We use natural fruit enzymes to get rid of unwanted imperfections (breakouts, rough patches, and uneven skin color). We also formulate with rich butters and oils to ensure activation once the enzymes reach the skin.  This equals gentle daily exfoliation which helps remove dead skin and reveal fresh, healthy, and youthful skin. 



Fresh Fruit Enzymes - Exfoliates skin, reduces dullness, unclogs pores and brightens skin

Plumeria/Monoi Oil - Protects, hydrates and provides vital nutrients

Caviar Lime - Evens tone, enhances firmness, revives lackluster skin

Neem Oil - Rids skin of impurities that cause breakouts

Willowherb - Calms skin and reduces redness from breakouts

Bamboo - Absorbs sebum and oils, keeps skin glowing but shine-free

Oat Extract - Soothes, alleviates redness

Acai - Reduces inflammation, protects from environmental aggressors




Irritation (Redness & Impurities):   Enzymes work gently to repair skin, create a protective barrier, and maintain hydration. Unlike chemical peels that work fast, over exfoliate, and cause an imbalance in moisture and barrier function.

Dehydration: Enzymes are a gentle form off exfoliation that can be done regularly, in doing so the skin can develop a more consistent rate of cell turnover. Which helps in creating a strong, healthy barrier to keep pollutants out and moisture in.

Breakouts/Blemishes: Clears pores of dead skin to allow a better follow for sweat and natural oils, in doing this it allows pores to naturally reduce. This clear pathway makes it so bacteria and dirt build up is stopped which results in less redness/clogged pores.

Skin Types: Gentle and frequent exfoliation with enzymes assists in normalizing any skin type. Enzymes are not skin type specific, they re-program the skin’s cell turnover to work at its optimal rate. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combo exfoliation achieved by enzymes will work to normalize skin and maintain hydration by building a strong barrier.

Skin Colors:  Deeper skin tones benefits from gentle, consistent exfoliation as a form of control overt ashy, dry skin. regardless of skin color, enzymes contain properties of renewal that every skin tone can benefit from without taking away from the skin’s natural radiance.






Chemical peels (acids) work in an aggressive way.  Acids “burn” and “damage” the skin and continue to do so until they are diluted or changed by an increase in pH level (a neutralizing solution is applied). After the skin heals, the dead skin layers later peel off and the new skin below is revealed.

Enzymes work in a more distinct and gentle way to target specific proteins.  The enzymes “eat” dead skin cells which allows the skin to purge and rid itself of impurities, blemishes, clogged pores and bumps in a more uniform, safe way.  There is no damage to the skin and no down time.  Fresh new skin is revealed quickly and without any irritation. The skin never tires or gets used to, enzymes, so they continue to work to bring you glowing, healthy skin over and over.